Sea Trout or Salmon ?


We currently have a delightful fish option of Fillet of Sea Trout with Mussel Beurre Blanc & wilted greens on our evening menus, however as it’s appearance and flavour is similar to Salmon some customers have been asking about the difference so I thought I’d add a bit of information about this seasonal catch.

The sea trout belongs to the same species as the brown trout but living in the sea its diet is made up of shrimps and other such crustaceans giving it the pink flesh we associate with wild salmon. The trouts can return from the sea anytime from April onwards to spawn in rivers leaving again by the end of October.

You can read more about Sea Trout at EAT THE SEASONS giving you buying advice and other recipe ideas.

Should a diner have a mollusc allergy we can serve this dish with an alternative sauce.