When we devise our menus we have many things to consider obviously what is popular but also adding new and interesting creations, to capture your taste buds.

Chipotle flavour features in a new dish to our menu repertoire, Crispy Squid on a Pepper, Tomato & Chorizo Chipotle Stew, light a tasty perfect for reminiscing about Spanish holidays.

The inspiration for this dish came while Chris & Emily were following Weight watchers they found a delicious recipe on a great site called Skinny Kitchen Secrets although we’ve toned down the heat and added our twist so you don’t have to be on a diet to enjoy it. We hope you enjoy the dish and if it is on the verging on too spicy we’ve added a cool guacamole on the side.

Although I’d say more celebrated in America today is recognised as Chipotle Day.
Q. So what is Chipotle?
A. its a smoked, dried jalapeno pepper
Chipotles are often an essential ingredient and add a mild spiciness to many different dishes in Mexican cuisine.