MacMillan Coffee Morning


This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a year or 2 now.

Sadly cancer is a too frequent a word in our modern society,  I remember a statistic on TV around 10-15 years back that 1 in 3 families will be affected by cancer naively I never believed my family would be one of those statistics until a few years ago when not just 1 but 2 close family members were struck by the ‘Big C’ without delving too much into it they came out the other side thankfully and I know the support of the Macmillan nurses and helplines was very much appreciated during this distressing period.

So this year I’m joining the World’s Largest Coffee Morning in September a few days early on Monday 24th September we will open our doors from 11am – 4pm, we will be serving homemade savouries, scones & cakes but any further donations will be welcome (please note you must provide ingredient information for allergy awareness)

We will also be hosting a Bake Off Competition & a Raffle

If you’d like to support our efforts but are unable to attend you can TEXT our unique code MUGVUU5 to 70550 to Donate £5