Chris was delighted to be asked to feature on a cooking section on BBC Radio Cumbria again this week, talking about wild garlic which is growing in abundance down beside the riverbanks at this time of year. He cooked up a quick dish of Wild Mushrooms, Pancetta & Wild Garlic Tagliatelle dish for reporter Charlie. keep your eyes peeled as it may feature as special on the menu soon.

If you’d like to recreate the dish here’s the recipe:

75g Smoked Pancetta

1 x large shallot sliced thin

200g wild mushrooms

200ml double cream

50ml madeira

A fresh bunch of wild garlic

Pre cooked Tagliatelle

salt & pepper

Step 1 fry pancetta in a dry pan until crisp

Step 2 add shallots & mushrooms then cook on high heat for 2 mins

Step 3 add the madeira & 100 ml of cream cook for a further 2 mins

Step 4 add in the rest of the double cream with the tagliatelle

Step 5 add in the wild garlic leaves to wilt down

Step 6 Season to taste, then serve & garnish with flowers